How long does it take a person to receive a letter from Kyite?

Letters are mailed at 2 pm EST every day. For every letter submitted prior to 2pm it takes 2 to 3 days.

How much does this service cost?

You must fund your account a minimum of $3.00. Letters start at $1.63 and the difference remains in your account to be applied to your next letter.

I don’t have any family members in the military or in prison so how could I use Kyite?

Social media and electronic storage is not always the best way to keep pictures. You can take pictures and mail them to yourself for personal use.

Will the content of my letters and pictures be viewed?

Not by Kyite. Our servers receive and print mail automatically. We will not read or view our member’s mail. Your mail is subject to review by correctional facilities.

Can I receive email on Kyite?

No. Kyite is an outgoing platform for physical mail only.

How do I get a response to my mail?

Once the recipient receives your letter they will most likely reply via physical mail as well.

What if my loved one is not in good standing at their correctional facility and can’t receive mail?

The mail will be returned to the “return address” on the sender’s profile.

How do I add funds my account?

PayPal is the funding platform. You can create a PayPal account or use your card information via PayPal by selecting pay by card.

Can I send a letter to any correctional facility in the United States?

Yes! Unlike the companies that attempt to email inmates, we send you messages and pictures via physical mail so ALL facilities are available for use. Your loved ones also have the letters and pictures in their possession to reread and view as often as they please.